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Abrasives of Saint Paul has been in business since 1979. We're one of Norton Abrasives' largest national distributors, and a Better Business Bureau A+ rated business. We're a high-energy company with an emphasis on creating a fun working environment that promotes success. We believe that we aren't successful unless our employees are successful.

100% of ASP Management began their careers in sales with ASP!

Starting as a sales representative, you will work through several levels of responsibility and benefits as you progress your career with Abrasives of Saint Paul. The diagram below shows each sales level.

Sales Representative: Inside B2B Sales

A Career Opportunity that Starts in Sales

D.C., Executive & Division Manager, 10 years with ASP

My personal success story at ASP started in March of 2003. I had just turned 24 years old and I was looking for a career opportunity. I had no sales experience, but I always thought sales would be something I might be good at. Ten years later, I'm a manager and sales trainer, making a nice living. Sales is a very challenging career where it takes a lot of hard work to succeed, but the rewards can be great. In my time at ASP, I've had highs and lows, however, through hard work and the support of management and co-workers, I've become successful at ASP - I service ~180 accounts and manage 4 salespeople.

J.C., Apprentice, 2 years with ASP

After spending 15 years in the landscaping industry, and at the age of 37, I decided to quit mydead-end job and try something new. After several months of frustration I finally came upon an ad for an inside sales position with a company that had "an emphasis on creating a fun work environment". Well, that is what I found at Abrasives of Saint Paul. Our motto is "work hard, play hard", and that is exactly what we do. I started out at ASP as a trainee with next to no sales experience. After a year and half, I've risen two sales levels and I've grown my customer base from zero to over a hundred customers who I get to call on every month. If I've learned anything here at ASP it's this: there is no such thing as a dead-end in this career, and growth is never-ending if you're willing to put in the work. As far as the "play" aspect goes, I'll put it to you like this; if you like hunting, fishing, sports, or anything to do with the outdoors, you'll fit right in. Bottom line: if you're self-motivated and looking for a fun working environment, the ASP is worth looking into.

R.P., Journeyman, 2½ years with ASP

I started working at Abrasives of Saint Paul in May of 2010, I'm currently a journeyman, and have an active account base of over 100 customers. The one thing I love about ASP is the people; everyone is always willing to help each other succeed and stay positive. I am most proud of earning a cruise for two through an ASP sales contest. Not many companies give away trips but ASP sure does, and they're something that everyone has the opportunity to earn. Through hard work, dedication, commitment, and most importantly, a positive attitude, at ASP, anything is possible. If you want to make good money, work in a fun place, and feel good about yourself, ASP is the place for you!

J.J., Apprentice, 1½ years with ASP

I started with ASP in March of 2011, I handle accounts in the consumer markets. On a monthly basis, I work with 125-150 customers. Since I started here, I've found that not only does the company build a family-like atmosphere in the office, we extend our appreciation and build unbreakable trust with our customers throughout the nation. ASP is a great place to work because they have a structured program set up so that employees can build a career that is reliable, fun, and with a group of people that always looks out for your best interests!

B.T., Executive & Owner, 15 years with ASP

Welcome to Abrasives of Saint Paul. My career started at the end of September, 1997. What I loved from day one was the opportunity to advance in the company by my personal growth. I now wear a lot of different hats for the company, and I currently service 80 active customers every month. Our customers are the reason we are here and I love working with them everyday! We do our best to be their best supplier. My goal from day one was to be part-owner in the company, and during my long journey, I've had the pleasure of working with a lot of great people who helped me in business as well as my own personal adventures. I am truly thankful and look forward to continuing that attitude with each and every new hire.

D.M., Executive & Team Leader, 10 years with ASP

When I graduated from college with a finance degree, I thought it would be easy to find a good, high-paying job with growth potential. I looked for two months and found nothing ... then I read an add online that said "wanted: sports-minded outdoor enthusiast", so I called the listed contact, Mike. I came into the interview not knowing what to expect, and started the next day -I figured I needed a job and some work experience, so I took the job "for now" until I could find a career where I'd have fun and make good money. Ten years later, I'm still here, working as a salesperson and training manager. I currently have a team of four sales reps, and I service over 200 accounts, and most importantly, I look forward to coming to work every day. What I really like about working at ASP is that you can grow fast, interact with people all over the country, and talk about hunting, fishing, and sports all day long, and you get paid well to do it! While working here, you get tons of support from everyone, including the owners who started their careers the same way I did, as a level 1 salesman. I'm glad I answered that ad, and to keep moving up the ladder. Division manager, here I come.

D.W., Executive & Sales Manager, 11 years with ASP

I started at ASP in October of 2001, and I currently service about 90 customers a month. I love the fact that our company promotes from within. Every rep, training manager, sales manager, and owner started here working from the ground up. After working here for 11 years, I've seen that the opportunities just get better and better as long as you can invest your time wisely and work hard to make a career for yourself. I have a wife and 3 very active boys, and part of what's great about working at ASP is that the hours allow you to be family-oriented while still enjoying the outdoors after work and on the weekends. That, and management will teach you all they know so you know how to be the best you can be.

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